A Window

by Rearview

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This EP was written over the span of 2014 and underwent many changes and additions. It was recorded over the span of October and November 2014 in my bedroom. Thanks for listening!


released November 1, 2014

Eddie James-Guitar, Vocals, Words, Drums, Percussion, Piano

Special thanks to Tyler for advice of recording and mixing, Mr. Wadleigh for general encouragement and advice, and Ali for the support!



all rights reserved


Rearview Houston, Texas

hello friendos! My name is eddie and I make folk/noise music under the name rearview. rearview is generally whatever music I feel like making and doesn't really have a genre restriction! thank u, bless.

some artists I like that inspire me: swans, devendra banhart, chelsea wolfe, gy!be, deftones, cloudkicker, the mars volta, ben frost, father john misty, and the cure.
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Track Name: Complications
The complication of the planet on this life, it seems like hell and it's too hard to find a stride

I'm graduating from high school soon, I'm leaving behind my family, friends, and all I've ever knew
I'm scared to death of what's ahead, the futures coming on strong, and it's getting to my head
Everything I see reminds of leaving, and great times I've had, and it's leaded me to grieving
The complication of time in this life, do I want things to stay, or do I want them to climb

My girlfriend crossed the Golden gate and it's been too long since we've had a date
I love her so and she loves me too, but she went away and I don't know what to do
I went to Cali to see her the other day, it seems like we just said hi then I had to go away
The complication of love in this life, I don't how to stop time from drifting by.

I got a friend who loves to party, drinking Smirnoff and drinking Bacardi
And he's a guy who's trying to get laid, driving drunk and snortin cocaine
We've been friends since we were five and I don't know what to do but God, I want to save his life
The complication of friendship in life, trying to stop your friends from rolling over and dying.

Sat down at my laptop and read the news, the first death US from Ebola, he left to God damn soon.
Headlines saying the disease is spreading round, I wanna stay inside and try to not come down
All this shit scares the hell out of me, I do not wanna die, I want to see all I can see
The complication of fear in life, I want my head to shut up so I can go on without crying.

The complication of lives on this planet, I think it'd be better of without our petty baggage.
Track Name: Skin
No you can't forget,
The way they laughed at you and made you think things through
No you can't forget
The nightmares and daydreams of hell you drew

Don't hesitate
The other side awaits
I don't know what's there
I just know it's safe

You're just shedding skin
You're just shedding skin
There's something inside of you
Beneath the skin
There's something inside of you
That burns within
You're just shedding skin
You're just shedding skin

No and please forget
The long days and long nights of your plight
Please find
Some last ditch source of light
Track Name: The Fly
A Fly Buzzing, Flying
Distracting From everything
dark and black
like scalding asphalt in the summer sun
snuck into the house
even though all windows were closed off
in an attempt
to keep the fly away

always moving
complete chaos
everywhere and all around
its wings move speedily
to continue onwards on its

the buzz
like the harsh
of industrial machines
piercing ears
always piercing,
on nails

it flies around seemingly
calm and serene without harm
like a
peaceful mountain stream
downstream and around the
a raging and roaring waterfall

A Fly
One day I will catch that fly
and take him far away
from this house
but that day
not today